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A Look At Distance Learning Scholarships For Online College Students

If you think you can’t get a grant or scholarship because you’re an online college student, think again.

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Here you’ll find just a sampling of distance learning scholarships to help you complete your degree from home.

The benefits of distance learning are numerous, especially in times like these when COVID-19 has most of us stuck at home, and many campuses have closed.

By studying at home, you can cut costs associated with room and board. You can also stay home and take care of your kids, if you have any, while you study. Lastly, distance learning makes it easier to work a full-time job while you work towards getting your degree since there’s no need to commute to or spend time in class.

Unfortunately, there’s a myth that distance learners can’t get scholarships or subsidies like traditional students can. As long as you’re part of an accredited distance learning program, you can enjoy much of the same eligibility for subsidies and scholarships as a “normal” student. Even better, some awards that assist in tuition reduction are aimed primarily at those who take online courses.

What type of scholarships can you receive to continue your education online? We’ll offer up some samples to spark your interest so you can start searching for the perfect funding to fit your needs.

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1. Earl and Patricia Armstrong Scholarship

The United Negro College Fund provides this scholarship as a way to promote interest in the health sciences among African American students. To qualify, you’ll need a 3.0 GPA or higher and major in health, biology, or pre-medicine, among other prerequisites.

2. Online Scholarships for Women and Single Mothers

Taking care of kids as a single parent is hard enough. Add in the high costs of college education, and it can almost become impossible.

Head over to the Sallie Mae website, and you can start searching for scholarships and subsidies specifically for women and single mothers looking to make college more affordable.

A quick glance shows there are awards for low-income mothers that can help with living or school expenses, as well as awards for those seeking a degree in one of the STEM fields.

3. The Dream Award from Scholarship America

Have you completed your first year of college? Do you have a major financial need? Have you overcome obstacles to get where you are? If so, you could receive the Dream Award, which has given over $1.5 million to 86 recipients since it started.

4. eLearners Military Scholarship

This scholarship from the eLearners website is just one of many specifically created to help active members of the military, veterans, and their spouses continue their education online.

Don’t see any scholarships in your field or that catch your eye? Don’t fret, as there are so many subsidies and scholarships that there’s sure to be at least one to fit your situation. The main goal of this mini guide is to show you how varied, specific, and lucrative some scholarships can be.

Simply search online for distance learning scholarships, online student scholarships, and the like, and you’ll see a ton of opportunities appear right before your eyes.

Eric Tomasso