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AHR Takes Texas Father and Kids on School Shopping Spree

AHR Takes Texas Father and Kids on School Shopping Spree

American Hope Resources is a national online community of like minded individuals facing hardship. Its online social platform allows members to share their experiences with others and find the help they need.

In August 2016, AHR wanted to help its members get their kids back to school with a Walmart shopping spree. Heather Pierce, our member care manager, went to San Antonio, Texas to meet John, an AHR member that was selected at random to receive $500 to spend in school supplies.

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John was laid off work in February 2016. He joined American Hope Resources after spending months looking for a job, without finding one. He has four kids and was worried about how he would afford school supplies among other things.

One day, he signed up for American Hope Resources. The result speaks for itself. As a member, he qualified for the $500 back-to-school shopping spree giveaway, and was later selected as the winner.

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Eric Tomasso