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Follow AHR to Chicago to help a family in need

Follow AHR to Chicago to help a family in need

Zeneta is another AHR member facing financial hardship. She and her two granddaughters needed blankets and beds to make it through the winter season. For them, purchasing those items was a luxury they couldn’t afford, and so they had been sleeping on chairs.

She contacted American Hope Resources looking for the help she needed. AHR is aware of how difficult it is to raise children when money is scarce, so we decided to send one of our members to help Zeneta and her granddaughters get new beds.

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Zeneta had been seeking help for some time. She visited many websites looking for assistance. Soon after she contacted the organization, one experienced member was there to help her.  

Thanks to American Hope Resources, Zeneta and her two grandchildren will no longer sleep on chairs. They now have good beds to sleep on. “This is truly my blessing,” Zeneta said.

Contact American Hope Resources if you are going through financial hardship. We have a long list of resources that may help you overcome any difficulty.

Eric Tomasso