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How Postmates Pays Drivers More, $20 An Hour

If making tips from delivering food sounds like a good part-time job, try Postmates, the service giving the most in tips to it’s drivers.

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From it’s beginning, PostMates has been the delivery service known for giving the entire tip to it’s drivers. Reviews from Postmates drivers who work part-time for the service usually mention they started driving for the service  to keep more of their tips.

Postmates, like other delivery services, became popular by hiring almost  anyone willing to work during their spare time. Read below to learn how much you can make with Postmates, and if it sounds good, you can sign up to start making deliveries directly from this article.

How much money can you make working for Postmates?

Brandon Landers has been using Postmates for over three years. He decided to start using the food delivery app because his full-time job didn’t pay enough to cover his bills. He started by making deliveries during lunchtime, earning between $15 and $20 per hour completing several deliveries around the area. 

Once he started working during the evenings, his Postmates income increased to around $50 per day. This added up to about $250 per week (not counting weekends) and close to $1,000 per month. With the extra income he is no longer coming up short or accumulating late fees on his mortgage payments. To start he only accepted deliveries within short distance so he did spend much on gas and avoided traffic jams. 

Brandon also worked during times of high demand when Postmates couriers get a bonus of as much as double the standard payout per delivery. The app points out “hot” zones, so couriers can predict how much they will earn. Pay per delivery also varies by city, with high-income locations such as Los Angeles and New York city having higher rates.

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How Postmates works

There are some key differences between Postmates and other food delivery services. When someone orders food using another service, the courier picks up the order and delivers it to the location, where they get paid for their services. The food is paid for before the courier is able to pick it up. 

In Postmates, the food is paid by the courier using a Postmates debit card. It may take a little more time to complete each delivery but drivers earn a little more through Postmates to cover the added inconvenience.

Another difference is how couriers get paid. In other food delivery apps such as UberEATS, couriers are allowed, and often instructed, to collect a separate tip from the customer. In contrast, Postmates couriers receive tips  through the app. They can withdraw the money right away for a fee or wait a few days to get it deposited on their accounts at no cost.

How to sign up with Postmates

Signing up for Postmates is free. Anyone who wants to make money on the side can follow a few steps and start delivering orders. Here’s what’s required to get started:

You’ll need a smartphone where the app can be installed. The Postmates app is available for most Android and iOS devices, with few exceptions.

Second, candidates must pass a background check. The background check is completed through an online form that collects personal information  which the company will use to verify potential workers.

The third and final step is a brief orientation meeting that takes place at a nearby Postmates office. During this meeting, new drivers review company policies. They also receive an insulated bag and the debit card that will be used to pay for orders at restaurants and stores.

The meeting only takes about fifteen minutes, and scheduling is meant  to be convenient. Someone who works from nine to five can complete their orientation at six and be ready to deliver orders half an hour later.

More about Postmates

Postmates was founded in 2011 by three California entrepreneurs. It became one of the first companies to offer on-demand delivery from restaurants and stores. Other food ordering platforms, such as Grubhub and UberEATS, later adopted the model pioneered by Postmates. 

Anyone can work for the company and make deliveries using a bike or scooter. Having a car is not a prerequisite. In some locations, the company also allows couriers to complete deliveries on foot. All they have to do is install the Postmates mobile app and wait for jobs to appear.

Eric Tomasso