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Need A Food Pantry Or Free Meals During The Pandemic? Do This

Don’t let COVID-19 cause starvation in your household. Use these handy websites to find food pantries, free meals, and more in under five minutes.

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COVID-19 has led to record job loss. This has led many to lose income, causing them to face financial trouble. If you’re one of the many negatively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, you may feel stressed about feeding your family.

Before you go hungry, know that there are options out there that can quickly offer food assistance. We’re not talking about food stamps, either, as you will have to apply and wait a bit for those to come through. Instead, we’re talking about emergency food assistance in the form of free meals, food pantries/banks, and more.

There are several ways to find food pantries and other nutritional resources for families in need. Today, we’ll focus on three websites that can help you find what you’re looking for with just a few minutes of research.

Use Feeding America for Both Short and Long-Term Food Assistance

Feeding America has quite the directory on its website. With over 60,000 food pantries and 200-plus food banks, you should have no trouble finding free meals during the pandemic.

What about safety, though? What if you’re worried about social distancing, picking up food from other people, and being exposed to the coronavirus? Is using such a site to find food pantries safe?

It sure is, as Feeding America assures you that many food pantries, meal programs, and food banks have prioritized the safety of their participants. This means you can enjoy low or no-contact options when picking up your food.

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Some food pantries have drive-through setups. Some have hours specifically set aside for seniors. Others, meanwhile, offer home delivery so you can stay inside without worrying about exposure.

As for how to use Feeding America to find food pantries and the like, go here. Type your zip code into the field under “Find Your Local Food Bank,” and click go. After you see a list of options, click on each to learn more. Be sure to contact as many options as possible so you can maximize the food assistance you receive.

Although the emergency food assistance a pantry can provide is excellent, why not get long-term help while visiting the Feed America site?

You’ll find it here by scrolling down. There are many options to suit different nutritional needs, such as helping families with children or teenagers, or helping those with young children or infants. You can also find help if you have any family members over the age of 60 or have special needs.

Other Options for Finding Emergency Food Assistance

While you could technically solve your COVID-19 food issues via Feeding America, other sites are worth visiting as well. They operate similarly and are easy to use.

The first alternative is, which will show you food pantries by state and then city. The second is Ample Harvest, which lets you choose a radius during your food pantry search to find as many opportunities as possible.

Eric Tomasso