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We do what we can, AHR surprises one member with a gift

We do what we can, AHR surprises one member with a gift

Yasmin is but one of many AHR members facing financial hardship. She lives with her disabled mother, who is in constant need of quality care. 

She contacted American Hope Resources because looking for the help she needed. Yasmin and her disabled mother had been sleeping on air mattresses and needed assistance to purchase a quality mattress.

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She found out about American Home Resources through a friend, who had previously signed up for AHR benefits. American Hope Resources is here to help people like Yasmin. As soon as she called, we sent one of our members to help her get the beds she needed.

Thanks to American Hope Resources, Yasmin and her disabled mother will no longer sleep on air mattresses. They now have good beds to sleep on.

Contact American Hope Resources if you are going through financial hardship. We have a long list of resources, with new benefits added daily, that may help you overcome any difficulty.

Eric Tomasso