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Why Checking And Fixing Your Credit Is A Must

Have you completely abandoned your credit in terms of checking your score or trying to fix it? Here are the reasons why doing both are essential to your financial future.

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Your credit can impact you in more ways than one. Its reach extends far beyond just getting accepted for credit cards or car loans, which is why you not only need to check it, but fix it too.

You can check your credit score by getting your annual report for free. You should do this at least once a year to see your score, check for any errors, and see if someone has stolen your identity.

As for why fixing your credit is essential, here are several reasons to start doing so as soon as you snag that free report:

Reasons to Fix Your Credit Now

1. You won’t have to pay with cash all the time.

Some people prefer paying for everything in cash and avoiding debt at all costs. While this isn’t a bad thing, cash can become inconvenient at times.

For example, if you want to rent a car but don’t have a credit card, you may have to pay an extra deposit.

While credit can be convenient and reduce the need for extra deposits in situations like renting a car, what about paying cash for massive purchases?

Many people may not have thousands of dollars in cash lying around. This can keep them from buying a car or home when they need to.

By fixing your credit, however, you can get loans to buy what you need without having to take loads of cash out of your accounts.

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2. You can avoid debt collectors.

As annoying or scary as debt collectors may be, they’re calling you for a reason. Creditors want to get paid for what they’ve loaned you, so they have a legitimate gripe in sending you letters and calling your phone.

Fix your credit, and you can stop the harassment from collectors.

3. You can pay lower interest rates.

The better your credit score, the less you’ll likely pay in interest. This can save you a ton of money over a lifetime, making credit repair a priority if your score is low.

4. You can move to a new place.

Try renting an apartment with bad credit. Most likely, you’ll find it difficult to do if you have delinquencies in the past.

Landlords want to know that potential tenants will pay the rent on time. Bad credit is a red flag that may keep them from approving your application.

5. You can pay less for insurance.

Auto and home insurance are a couple of expenses that may take up a big chunk of your budget. You can reduce them by having a better credit history.

6. You can avoid security deposits.

Renting a new place isn’t the only case where you’ll be charged a security deposit. If your credit is poor, utility providers and phone companies may ask for a deposit. This means more cash out of your pocket.

7. You can get more credit.

Credit can be an excellent way to increase your purchasing power. As long as the interest rates are low, you can use it to get what you need without paying a ton upfront out of pocket.

If you fix your credit and improve your score, you can increase your credit limits to open up more buying opportunities.

8. You can get a job or promotion.

Some employers will want to see your credit history before hiring you or giving you a promotion. If it’s bad, it could keep you from being able to pay the bills.

9. You can become independent.

Are you tired of having to rely on friends and family to co-sign loans for you? Is the only way to get utilities by putting the account in someone else’s name?

Fix your credit, and you can break from these constraints.

10. You can gain peace of mind.

By getting your free credit report, seeing your score, and cleaning up your past, you can sleep better knowing there’s nothing to fear financially anymore.

Eric Tomasso